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How to say i want to do something in Turkish

The daily life speeches have a great size of “i want” and “i don’t want” . Today we gonna have a quick look <h1>how to say i want to do something in Turkish</h1>. I want to do something : Birşey … Continue reading

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how to form future tenses in Turkish language

Hei Folks, Today i am gonna show you how to form future tenses in Turkish language . It is just like the same in the previous you do have a suffix and add it to the verb. The suffix to … Continue reading

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“can NOT” form in Turkish language

As always my fellow friend Stefan,from Germany give me some examples about can and can not forms in Turkish. He is a really nice beta tester for Turkish. Anyway after i talk with him i understood that he is having … Continue reading

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“can” form in Turkish language

“Can” is a kind of ability in English. You will never forget how to say can sentences in Turkish anymore. Ability  -ebil  (sounds like ability) Lets try to Learn Ability form in Turkish Language. lets pick our verb. Konuşmak : … Continue reading

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Learn Turkish

Learn Turkish I know you are trying to Learn Turkish language and you are making a great effort. But i will tell you a secret. Turkish can be the most easy language in the entire world. How did i say … Continue reading

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How to form past tense in Turkish

The suffix for forming past tense in Turkish is -di. If you studied present tense i can say that past tense is easy as present tense. Lets Learn Turkish grammar! Gelmek (To come) gel+di+m (I came) gel+di+n  (You(singular) came ) … Continue reading

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possessive pronoun in Turkish – How to say something belongs to you in Turkish

Benim araba(m) Senin araba(n) Onun araba+s+(ı) Bizim araba(mız) Sizin araba(nız) Onların (arabaları) To form  possession in Turkish. All you need to add possesive sufixes to your nouns. Arabam also means my car Benim arabam is also means my car. Senin … Continue reading

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There is | There is NOT |I have | I don’t have

Ok todays lesson is a little different than the other grammar stuff. This one is easy but hard to understand for some people at first. -VAR (There is | have) -YOK (There is not | have not) Lets try to … Continue reading

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Turkish Grammar – How to form sentences in Turkish Language

I have a friend from Germany and he is trying to learn Turkish like you are. And sometimes when he tries to speak He spoke like Tarzan. Why? Because he has no idea about the line of words. So here … Continue reading

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Turkish Grammar – Present Tense Question

To ask a question we use the suffix -mi The rule is verb + (i)yor +(SPACE HERE)+ m(i)+possession Exception in the 3rd plural person verb + (i)yor+ l(e)r + (SPACE HERE)+m(i)+ In some places of Turkey the rule is Ok … Continue reading

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