There is | There is NOT |I have | I don’t have

Ok todays lesson is a little different than the other grammar stuff. This one is easy but hard to understand for some people at first.

-VAR (There is | have)

-YOK (There is not | have not)

Lets try to say i have a car .

Car: araba

araba(m) var -I have a car :[You use the possesion suffix to tell that it is your car.] {Benim arabam var.}

araba(m) yok- I don’t have a car

araba(n) yok – You don’t have a car.

araba yok – There is no car.

araba(s)(ı) yok – He/she doesnt have a car. I correct this one after i see Laura’s post the suffix is not (sı) but only ı .Y,S,Ş,N is used when the words are finished with the letter a,e,i,o,u,ü,ö,ı (ANOTHER LESSON TO LEARN LATER)

you can form lots of sentences like this.


try to say : i have 2 apples in my pocket

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