How to say i want to do something in Turkish

The daily life speeches have a great size of “i want” and “i don’t want” . Today we gonna have a quick look <h1>how to say i want to do something in Turkish</h1>.

I want to do something : Birşey yapmak istiyorum.

Something : Birşey / to do : yapmak  / I want : istiyorum. (I am wanting)

Let’s try i want to drink something :   to drink :içmek

Bir şey içmek istiyorum.

Ne içmek istiyorsun? // Guess it.

Bira içmek istiyorum. : Bira: beer

I want to ride bicycle : Bisiklet binmek istiyorum.

Guess the word “to ride” in this sentence :

Koşmak istemiyorum : I don’t want to run.

//take a look at negative form present tense if you have problem with “istemiyorum.”

Su içmek istiyorum. (Su : water) do you understand what does it mean?

Try to make some sentences in the comments.

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