“can” form in Turkish language

“Can” is a kind of ability in English. You will never forget how to say can sentences in Turkish anymore.

Ability  -ebil  (sounds like ability)

Lets try to Learn Ability form in Turkish Language.

lets pick our verb. Konuşmak : to speak

I can speak Turkish : Türkçe konuşabiliyorum.  Konuş+abil+iyor+um

Remember the “iyor”? Yes it is the Present tense suffix.

I used to speak Turkish : Türkçe konuşabiliyordum

Remember the “di”? Yes it is the Past tense suffix.

There are other forms of  “CAN” with other tenses suffixes. But main idea  is

Verb+abil(ebil)+ tense+possesion.

Pick a verb from a Dictionary and do this exercise in here.

For both past end present form.

Also a big challange  say:


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