possessive pronoun in Turkish – How to say something belongs to you in Turkish

Benim araba(m)

Senin araba(n)

Onun araba+s+(ı)

Bizim araba(mız)

Sizin araba(nız)

Onların (arabaları)

To form  possession in Turkish. All you need to add possesive sufixes to your nouns.

Arabam also means my car Benim arabam is also means my car.

Senin araban mı? / is it your car?

Evet benim. / Yes mine.

Evet benim arabam / Yes it’s my car.

Try to write  possessive pronoun for words :

elma :apple

kalem: pencil

You can write them to  Comments so i can correct you. You can try other words as well.

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