Turkish Grammar – Present Tense Question

To ask a question we use the suffix


The rule is

verb + (i)yor +(SPACE HERE)+ m(i)+possession

Exception in the 3rd plural person

verb + (i)yor+ l(e)r + (SPACE HERE)+m(i)+

In some places of Turkey the rule is Ok for 3rd plural person as well. Everybody can understand even you are strict about the rule in the 3rd plural person. So no worries when forming questions.

The “i” in the (i)yor and m(i) changes acording to the
vowel harmony.

Note: The question mi is always written as a new word.(DON’T FORGET TO PUT SPACE)
Geliyor muyum? Kalıyor musun? Gidiyor mu?

Gel : Come / Gelmek : To come
gel+(i)+yor+ mu+y+um? —> am I coming?
gel+(i)+yor+ mu+sun? —> are you coming? (Singular)
gel+(i)+yor+ mu? —> is He/She/It coming?

gel+(i)+yor+ mu+y+uz? —> are we coming?
gel+(i)+yor+ mu+sunuz? —> are you coming? (Plural)
gel+(i)+yor+lar mı?—> are they coming?

Kal : stay / Kalmak : To stay
kal+(ı)+yor+ mu+y+um? —> am I staying?
kal+(ı)+yor+ mu+sun? —> are you staying? (Singular.)
kal+(ı)+yor mu? —> is He/She/It staying?

kal+(ı)+yor+ mu+y+uz? —> are we staying?
kal+(ı)+yor+ mu+sunuz? —> are you staying? (Plural)
kal+(ı)+yor+lar mı? —> are they staying?

Koş : run / Koşmak : To run
koş+(u)+yor+ mu+y+um? —> am I running?
koş+(u)+yor+ mu+sun? —> are you running? (Singular)
koş+(u)+yor mu?—> is He/She/It running?

koş+(u)+yor+mu+y+uz? —> are we running?
koş+(u)+yor+mu+sunuz? —> are you running? (Plural)
koş+(u)+yor+lar mı?—> are they running?

Düşün : Think / Düşünmek : To Think

Düşün +(ü)+yor+mu+y+um?—> am I thinking?
Düşün +(ü)+yor+mu+sun? —> are you thinking? (Singular)
Düşün +(ü)+yor mu?—> is He/She/It thinking?

Düşün +(ü)+yor+mu+y+uz? —> are we thinking?
Düşün +(ü)+yor+mu+sunuz? —> are you thinking? (Plural)
Düşün +(ü)+yor+lar mı? —> are they thinking?

Workshop :
Try these verbs by yourself.

Sevmek: To love
Gezmek: To travel
Konuşmak : To speak
Gülmek : To laugh

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