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Basic conversation pronunciation

A video by one of our members. Thanks to O’Veli Budak Read the latest car news and check out newest photos, articles, and more from the Car and Driver Blog.

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How to say months of the year in Turkish

How to say months of the year in Turkish. I always find difficult to learn the name of the months in a foreign language. Here is the list for the months in Turkish Yılın ayları : Months of the year … Continue reading

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23 Nisan : Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı : April 23rd Independece and Kids Festival

23rd of April is a holiday in Turkey. The holiday is about National Independence and Kids Holiday. The only Holiday on Earth dedicated to kids by our leader “ATATÜRK”. What makes this day special is: from all over the world … Continue reading

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Turkish 101 – Back to Basics – Turkey Survival

Since i started this blog it passed more than a year already. And i hope you have developed your Turkish more than you want to. You have learned many things esp about grammar and tenses. For those who are following … Continue reading

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Anadolu University – Turkish Certificate Program

Hei, I don’t know if everybody knows but i am a member of CouchSurfing community. What is couchsurfing? If you don’t have any idea have a look at CouchSurfing Project It is a nice way of communicating with the rest … Continue reading

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How to say the time in Turkish

Hei Folks, Ready for another lesson? Today we gonna talk about time. How to ask the time? and how to learn the time? saat : watch:hour Let’s see!! Saatiniz var mı ? Do you have a watch? Saat kaç? What … Continue reading

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Teachyourself Turkish Facebook group is created! feel free to join.

Merhabalar, Bu sefer bu yazıyı Türkçe yazıcağım. Umarım beni anlıyorsunuzdur. Ben Facebook’da bir grup kurdum. Linki : Teach yourself Turkish Facebook group Lütfen üye olun ve Türkçe konuşacak arkadaşlar bulun. Sevgilerle, Mert…

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Game of Vocabulary

Hei folks, A friend of mine wrote a hangman for Turkish. If you want to try here is the link Turkish Hangman. I hope you enjoy and find it useful. Mert…

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if clause in Turkish language

Hei folks, Thank god for making Turkish really an easy language.  It has been a long time since my last post. Since that i have worked very hard, we have celebrated sacrifice holiday in Turkey. but i was so occupied … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

To all those people who are following my Turkish blog… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!! I wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year. (MUTLU YILLAR) I hope 2009 will be the best year you … Continue reading

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