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Basic conversation pronunciation

A video by one of our members. Thanks to O’Veli Budak Read the latest car news and check out newest photos, articles, and more from the Car and Driver Blog.

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How to say months of the year in Turkish

How to say months of the year in Turkish. I always find difficult to learn the name of the months in a foreign language. Here is the list for the months in Turkish Yılın ayları : Months of the year … Continue reading

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Turkish 101 – Back to Basics – Turkey Survival

Since i started this blog it passed more than a year already. And i hope you have developed your Turkish more than you want to. You have learned many things esp about grammar and tenses. For those who are following … Continue reading

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How to say the time in Turkish

Hei Folks, Ready for another lesson? Today we gonna talk about time. How to ask the time? and how to learn the time? saat : watch:hour Let’s see!! Saatiniz var mı ? Do you have a watch? Saat kaç? What … Continue reading

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How to say i want to do something in Turkish

The daily life speeches have a great size of “i want” and “i don’t want” . Today we gonna have a quick look <h1>how to say i want to do something in Turkish</h1>. I want to do something : Birşey … Continue reading

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Days of Week in Turkish

Days of week in Turkish are Monday – Pazartesi Tuesday – Salı Wednesday – Çarşamba Thursday -Perşembe Friday – Cuma Saturday – Cumartesi Sunday – Pazar Yeah it sounds complicated i know . Small hint the words come from cumartesi= … Continue reading

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There is | There is NOT |I have | I don’t have

Ok todays lesson is a little different than the other grammar stuff. This one is easy but hard to understand for some people at first. -VAR (There is | have) -YOK (There is not | have not) Lets try to … Continue reading

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Where is the nearest Post Office? in Turkish

Where is the nearest Post Office? It is a common sentence in nearly every language 🙂 I used to hate this chapter when i was learning foreign language.Anyway. I will make it really easy like right and left and asking … Continue reading

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How old are you? in Turkish

Kaç yaşındasın? – How old are you? Ben 29 yaşındayım. – I am 29 years old. Kaç =how many yaş = age yaşın = your age yaşın+da = at your age

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Do you speak Turkish?

Türkçe konuşuyor musun? – No I don’t speak Turkish = Hayır Türkçe konuşmuyorum. – Yes I speak Turkish = Evet Türkçe konuşuyorum. İngilizce konuşuyor musunuz? – Hayır Konuşmuyorum. – Evet biraz konuşuyorum. – Yes i speak a little biraz = … Continue reading

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