Learn Turkish

Learn Turkish

I know you are trying to Learn Turkish language and you are making a great effort. But i will tell you a secret. Turkish can be the most easy language in the entire world. How did i say that?

I used to read an article about the kids Learning Turkish. Acording to that research the Turkish kids learn to speak their native language grammatically correct faster than the rest of the world spearking their own languages.

Did you know that? So be relax. Turkish is an easy language to learn.

One of the other clue about being it so easy is most of the words are one slyabble and short.
like : gel,git,koş,al,tut,yat,uyu,it,at,sat,saç (come,go,run,take,catch,sleep,dog,horse,sell,hair). You can disagree with me like yeah English is the same that you are write in here. Making new words is another powerful act of Turkish. I will give you the silliest example ever but it is perfectly sense.

çekoslavakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdan mısınız? // Are you the ones that we couldnt make you Checzoslavakian?

One word for many words in English.

Ok now back to study! I just wanted to share some ideas.
Go to your studies back to Learn Turkish.

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