how to form future tenses in Turkish language

Hei Folks,

Today i am gonna show you

how to form future tenses in Turkish language


It is just like the same in the previous you do have a suffix and add it to the verb. The suffix to form future tenses is “-ecek”

Let see it on the verb Gelmek : to come

Gel+eceğ+im <— see the transformation of k to ğ . Any ideas?
Gel+eceğ+iz <—-also in here what is the common thing about this change?

About The rule about the transformation of k to ğ (and some more) you dont have to worry it right now. If you even say “gelecekim” to people they will understand you. I will tell this rule later on.

Voila!!! This is that easy. Verb + -ecek suffix + posession that is all you need.

Hint : Present tense can be used about future actions. It can be used with correct timing. For example.
Pazartesi geliyorum. : I am coming on monday.
Pazartesi geleceğim : I will come on Monday.

Both are good.

Another example :

Kalmak : To stay


Dont forget the wovel harmony. 🙂

Please pick a verb and try it on the comment section.

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