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if clause in Turkish language

Hei folks, Thank god for making Turkish really an easy language.  It has been a long time since my last post. Since that i have worked very hard, we have celebrated sacrifice holiday in Turkey. but i was so occupied … Continue reading

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Grammar – Present Tense in Turkish Language

As i promised to my fellow reader today i am gonna teach you present tense in Turkish. Yeah i hear you some people yelling “we already learned present tense” . Yes you are right but it was present continous tense. … Continue reading

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Turkish Grammar – Noun Adjuncts (İsim Tamlamaları)

Hei guys, It has been a while again since my last post. Sorry for the delay. But i had a such a great time in Thailand. Just wanted to share a photo with you. In this while i learned some … Continue reading

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Turkish grammar Past Tense – Part II

Merhaba everybody, Today’s lesson is Past Tense. I hear people screaming “we had that lesson before”. Yeah i know i know. But what you don’t know is actually there is 2 types of past tense in Turkish language. One with … Continue reading

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need,i need,i have need in Turkish

i need a pencil. —>Bir kaleme ihtiyacım var . Do you remember the word “var”. If not please look at the previous lessons. var means there is  also can be used as i have. the word ihtiyaç means need so … Continue reading

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Turkish Grammar – Have to : Must

To form have to,must sentences the suffix is -meli. I have to go : Gitmeliyim = Git+meli+y+im. You have to run : Koş+malı+s+ın He has to go : Git+meli We have to say  : Söyle+meli+y+iz You have to do : … Continue reading

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with,by proposition in Turkish language

with,by proposition in turkish is the word “ile”. I came to work by car . İşe araba ile geldim. or İşe araba+y+la geldim. Both forms are correct . It is like “It’s” and “it is”. Benim ile geliyor musun? Are … Continue reading

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Superlative adjectives in Turkish language

Now it is time to compare who speaks Turkish better 🙂 Superlative adjectives in Turkish language I speak Turkish better than Stefan. Ben Stefan’dan daha iyi Türkçe konuşuyorum. (Sounds complex? lets have a closer look) Ben: I Stefan’dan : (means … Continue reading

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Let’s do in Turkish Language.

Still remember the moment when i went to pick Herr Stefan from the airport Istanbul. I was still trying to teach Stefan by that time. and i said Me-Haydi Stefan- Heidi is a german girls name. Then i had a … Continue reading

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but and because sentences in Turkish Language

We know how to form many tenses in Turkish and if you can do them correctly actually you are making sentences. In turkish for a sentence only needed part is the verb. You conjugate verbs with words but (“ama”,”fakat”) and … Continue reading

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