Superlative adjectives in Turkish language

Now it is time to compare who speaks Turkish better ­čÖé

Superlative adjectives in Turkish language

I speak Turkish better than Stefan.

Ben Stefan’dan daha iyi T├╝rk├že konu┼čuyorum. (Sounds complex? lets have a closer look)

Ben: I

Stefan’dan : (means From stefan ) than Stefan

iyi : good 

daha iyi : better 

As you can see the word “daha” corresponds to -er suffix in English.

Senden daha g├╝zelim. (I am more beautiful than you)

For to make the sentence like

She is the most beautiful girl.  ( O en güzel kız)

the word is “en” is used to give the meaning of “the most”.

Find some adjectives from a Turkish dictionary and make sentences in the comments section.

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