Let’s do in Turkish Language.

Still remember the moment when i went to pick Herr Stefan from the airport Istanbul. I was still trying to teach Stefan by that time. and i said


Stefan- Heidi is a german girls name.

Then i had a great laughter but i am sure he will never forget the word Haydi. And you will not forget it as well.

Let’s talk : Haydi Konuş+al+ım.

Let’s run : Haydi Koş+al+ım

Let’s drink some beer : Haydi bira iç+el+im.

I guess you get the point . 🙂

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8 Responses to Let’s do in Turkish Language.

  1. Stefan says:

    Hey Bay Mert,

    it’s not just A german name, it’s this one:

    Haydi gülelim! :)))

  2. Laura says:

    Haydi dans etelim <---- haydi dans edelim ... (You didnt see that lesson yet) <--- haydi :))) Laura benim ile dans eder misin?

  3. Lilith says:

    Gün aydın, haydi devam edelim :)<--Günaydın Daha Türkçe öğrenelim!

      <--- Daha çok
  4. Raymond says:

    And from Pimsleur’s Turkish:
    Nerede yiyelim? ..and.. Beraber çay içelim mi?
    It took me a while until I was able to figure out what they were saying since Pimsleur comes without a printed guide.

    <--- yeah i had the same difficulties in German pimsleur. Hint : you always need a Turkish pal things to ask. Stefan is my german friend. 🙂 but i suggest you keep on the Pimsleur method which is the best method i have seen so far.

  5. Michaela says:

    A: Anahtarlarımı kaybettim…..;-(
    B: Haydi anahtarları bulalım!

    <--- ahoy Michaela. Good job!!

  6. marwa says:

    haydi sinemayı gidelim <-- haydi sinemaya gidelim

  7. Vatrahos says:

    The word “haydi” is also used in most Balkan languages (Greek and Slavic).

    In Greek, the word is “άιντε” (= “ayde”) or “άντε” (= “ade”), and in Bulgarian it’s “хайде” (= “hayde”). Even though I don’t know Serbian or Bosniak, I know that the word exists in their languages too. They all probably incorporated it into their vocabulary during the Ottoman occupation.

    In Greek, the word is kind of old fashioned, but it means basically the same thing:

    “άντε να τελειώσουμε”
    (“come on, let’s finish already”)

    “άντε πάμε”
    (“come on, let’s go”)

    “άντε κουνήσου ρε μαλάκα”
    (“come on, get moving, you ass-hole”)

    In Bulgarian, it’s the same thing:

    “Хайде да си лягаме”
    (“come on, let’s go lie down”)

    “Хайде да тръгваме”
    (“come on, let’s get going”)

    “Хайде ставай”
    (“come on, get up!”)

    Anyway, I’m trying to learn Turkish and I came across this page. Thanks for the info!

    <---- KALİMERA KOMŞU 🙂 very educational information i liked it.! Thank you very much. Ellerine sağlık.

  8. Keren cute says:

    is haydi same as hadi? <-- yes written form is Haydi. İn slang sometimes people use hadi as well.

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