Grammar – Present Tense in Turkish Language

As i promised to my fellow reader today i am gonna teach you present tense in Turkish.

Yeah i hear you some people yelling “we already learned present tense” . Yes you are right but it was present continous tense.

Gelmek: to come

Gel+ir+im  : I come

Gel+ir+sin : You come

gel+ir : he/she/it comes

Gel+ir+iz : we come

gel+ir+siniz : you come

gel+ir+ler : they come

The best way to give an example to this tense is your habbits. You get up at 8 and go to work at 9 etc.

Ex: 8’de uyanirim ve 9’da işe giderim.

try some phrases ,verbs in the comments section.

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