with,by proposition in Turkish language

with,by proposition in turkish is the word “ile”.

I came to work by car .

İşe araba ile geldim.
İşe araba+y+la geldim.

Both forms are correct . It is like “It’s” and “it is”.

Benim ile geliyor musun? Are you coming with me?

Did you notice something different? Nope?

Let me show you then Benim arabam = my car.

when you use ile word you use my rather than me actually. Think like :

are you coming by my car? Benim arabam ile mi geliyorsun?

—>A small note to My finnish visitors (which are really small in size) You will understand it much better 🙂

Challange : Translate the sentence.
“Are you having fun with me?” –> to comments page please….

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6 Responses to with,by proposition in Turkish language

  1. Marijke says:

    Benimle eğlence misin?
    Benimle hoşlanma mısın?
    Benimle zevk alma mısın?
    Ben seninle hoşlanmayım!

    <--- very close hint : try the present tense on the verb : eğlenmek : to have fun

  2. Stefan says:

    I would have guessed:

    Benim ile saka ol musun?

    <--- You do jokes to someone not with someone. The correct sentence would be Bana şaka mı yapıyorsun? where Bana is corresponds "to me".

  3. edona says:

    benimle dalga mi geciyorsun <---- wow! i guess you don't need this site you know perfectly well Turkish 🙂

  4. Marijke says:

    Benimle eğleniyor musun? <------ Marijke you got it! 🙂 This is the right one isn't it? Yhank you for helping me.

  5. Laura says:

    benim ile gidiyor musun? <--- are you going with me? didn't make that sense use the verb going instead. kolej taksi ile geldim <---koleje taksi ile geldim. (to college) <-- the idea about with is correct though....

  6. Lilith says:

    Benimle eğlenir misin?
    Benim ile eğleniyor musun?

    Yeni Türkçe derslerimle çok sevk duyuyorum. <--- Yeni Türkçe derslerimden çok zevk duyuyorum. (or: derslerimden...?) can I say both? <--derslerimden sounds much better -den suffix is used for the say "from" so you get excited from your lessons not with your lessons.

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