Turkish Grammar – Noun Adjuncts (İsim Tamlamaları)

Hei guys,

It has been a while again since my last post. Sorry for the delay. But i had a such a great time in Thailand.

A view from Grand Palace- Thailand - Bangkok

Just wanted to share a photo with you. In this while i learned some thai language 🙂

Now let’s focus on our subject. TURKISH LANGUAGE!!

Today we gonna study  Noun Adjuncts.

Ali’nin kitabı – Ali’s Book

Arabanın kapısı – Car’s Door

kitabın sayfası – book’s page , page of book

let’s examine these examples little bit.

Ali’nin kitap+ı  <—Ali’nin kita(b)ı

kitap+ın sayfa+s+ı <—kita(b)ın sayfası

The change of p—->b is because there is a open letter conjugated it is about another rule in Turkish language.

The main idea about noun adjuncts is  the first noun takes a -(y,ş,s,n)in  suffix and the second noun takes -(y,ş,s,n) i 

Try some examples in the comments page…

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