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Grammar – Present Tense in Turkish Language

As i promised to my fellow reader today i am gonna teach you present tense in Turkish. Yeah i hear you some people yelling “we already learned present tense” . Yes you are right but it was present continous tense. … Continue reading

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Turkish Grammar – Noun Adjuncts (İsim Tamlamaları)

Hei guys, It has been a while again since my last post. Sorry for the delay. But i had a such a great time in Thailand. Just wanted to share a photo with you. In this while i learned some … Continue reading

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Turkish grammar Past Tense – Part II

Merhaba everybody, Today’s lesson is Past Tense. I hear people screaming “we had that lesson before”. Yeah i know i know. But what you don’t know is actually there is 2 types of past tense in Turkish language. One with … Continue reading

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Challange to write about yourself

I have been writing about Turkish language for a long time for you guys. Now i want to change seats with you. This is a challange. Your homework is write things about you and yourlife or any subject you are … Continue reading

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need,i need,i have need in Turkish

i need a pencil. —>Bir kaleme ihtiyacım var . Do you remember the word “var”. If not please look at the previous lessons. var means there is  also can be used as i have. the word ihtiyaç means need so … Continue reading

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Turkish Grammar – Have to : Must

To form have to,must sentences the suffix is -meli. I have to go : Gitmeliyim = Git+meli+y+im. You have to run : Koş+malı+s+ın He has to go : Git+meli We have to say  : Söyle+meli+y+iz You have to do : … Continue reading

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with,by proposition in Turkish language

with,by proposition in turkish is the word “ile”. I came to work by car . İşe araba ile geldim. or İşe araba+y+la geldim. Both forms are correct . It is like “It’s” and “it is”. Benim ile geliyor musun? Are … Continue reading

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Superlative adjectives in Turkish language

Now it is time to compare who speaks Turkish better 🙂 Superlative adjectives in Turkish language I speak Turkish better than Stefan. Ben Stefan’dan daha iyi Türkçe konuşuyorum. (Sounds complex? lets have a closer look) Ben: I Stefan’dan : (means … Continue reading

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Let’s do in Turkish Language.

Still remember the moment when i went to pick Herr Stefan from the airport Istanbul. I was still trying to teach Stefan by that time. and i said Me-Haydi Stefan- Heidi is a german girls name. Then i had a … Continue reading

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Marmaris – The perfect place for vacation…

I was away for my vacation and i went to MARMARIS – Turkey. Here is a photo from Marmaris. During my stay i had so much great time and wanted to share it with you. I had 2 kilos overweight … Continue reading

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