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Where are you FROM? in Turkish

Ok now we learned to salut people and ask how are they? and now we may start to talk about where we are from. Let’s start with asking where people are from. – Nere+den+sin – Nere+den+siniz Can you tell me … Continue reading

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Meeting new people

It is common to shake hands with people whom you first met and introduced in Turkey. You shake your hand and say your first name when introduced. M-Alper, Bu Esra, Esra bu da Alper – Alper, this is Esra . … Continue reading

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Greetings in Turkish

It is common to greet people when they are meet. and ask about how they are. Merhaba : Hello // Usage of this word is limited. Most of the people use selam. Selam : Hi Naber? (Long form is ne … Continue reading

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Turkish Numbers

Learning numbers in Turkish is one of the easiest thing. Because we don’t have exceptions like eleven,twelve. It is really logical for a math person. 0 – Sıfır 1 – Bir 2 – İki 3 – Üç 4 – Dört … Continue reading

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