How to say the time in Turkish

Hei Folks,

Ready for another lesson? Today we gonna talk about time. How to ask the time? and how to learn the time?

saat : watch:hour

Let’s see!!

Saatiniz var mı ? Do you have a watch?

Saat kaç? What is the time?

Saat bir : it is 1 o’clock

Saat oniki : it is 12 o clock.

Saat oniki yirmiüç : it 12:23

Saat biri beş geçiyor : it is 5 past 1

saat onikiyi beş geçiyor : it is5 past 12

saat bire beş var. : it is 5 minutes to 1

saat onikiye beş var : it is 5 minutes to 12

saat yarım : it is 12:30

saat oniki buçuk : it is half past 12

saat onikiyi çeyrek geçiyor : it is quarter past 12

saat onikiye çeyrek var : it is quarter to 12

The idea is simple “var” is  used with “hour + e”

“geçiyor” is used with “hour+i”

Put some times and read them in the comments section!

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3 Responses to How to say the time in Turkish

  1. Valentina says:

    hrrr, şeytan, i had written something, then this page just told me “woops, wasn’t me” and switched off 😀

    4:15 dördü çeyrek geçiyor
    20:16 yirmiyi onaltı geçiyor
    21:56 yirmiikiye dört var
    17:46 onyedi kırkaltı
    01:30 bir buçuk
    18:20 onaltıyı yirmi geçiyor <-- on sekizi yirmi geçiyor ok, so when forming numbers bigger than 10, two numbers must be clinged like in oniki, yirmiüç, etc., right? mm. we've learnt numbers during turkish class but i didn't hear such thing 😀 <--- actually they are written seperately. I wrote them all wrong. Only in checks it is written all together. AND GOOD WORK Valentina! Also in Turkey If the time is bigger than 12 you can subtract 12 from it and then read it as well. 18:20 <--- altıyı yirmi geçiyor.

  2. Valentina says:

    “Also in Turkey If the time is bigger than 12 you can subtract 12 from it and then read it as well.” – i know, that’s what we do in Lithuania as well 😛
    thanx :))

  3. büşra says:

    good job Valentina (Y)

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