Where are you FROM? in Turkish

Ok now we learned to salut people and ask how are they? and now we may start to talk about where we are from. Let’s start with asking where people are from.

– Nere+den+sin – Nere+den+siniz

Can you tell me the difference?

The difference in these two sentences 1st one is for 2nd singular (you-sen) and the other one is for 2nd plural person (you-siz).

Nere +den +sin
WHere+are you+from

You can respond it like

İngiltere+den+im . = I am from England.
Fransa+dan+ım = I am from France.
İstanbul+dan+ım = I am from Istanbul.

As you can see -den may change acording to wovel harmony as well.

Try to say where are you from, in the comments of this thread. So we or people who knows this thread can correct you. Don’t be shy.

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