Basic conversation pronunciation

A video by one of our members. Thanks to O’Veli Budak

How to say months of the year in Turkish

How to say months of the year in Turkish. I always find difficult to learn the name of the months in a foreign language. Here is the list for the months in Turkish

Yılın ayları : Months of the year


as you can see march,may,august sounds familiar with english but others are … well you have no easy way to remember these i guess. Hope you are good in memorizing things. Try to use them frequently so you can transfer memory to permanent memory…



Merhaba arkadaşlar, long time no see ;) Let’s continue with our education, shall we?

Before continuing, I think we should revise some things, so here’s a tiny little text for you to translate and find nouns and verbs which you also have to inflect after you’ve translated the text (for nouns – write plural/ singular and for verbs – write them in all tenses you can):

Öğretmen matematik dersinde Deniz’e sorar.

-İki liralık peynir,üç liralık domates ve beş liralık salatalık ne yapar? 

Öğrenci cevap verir:

 -Sandviç yapar öğretmenim.
Do feel free to share any other stories/ jokes in Turkish :)

Good luck!

Dental suffixes

Keren, i think this can help you (unless you got everything explained ;) ):

when you need to add a suffix that starts with T or D, it meens you need to add a dental suffixe. If the last letter before the dental suffixe is  f/s/t/k/h/ç/ş/p , then D softens and turns into T, so you have a suffixe that starts with a T. If the last letter before the suffixe is a vowel or b/c/d/g/j/l/m/n/r/z (did i miss any consonants?), you simply add the suffix that starts with letter D. For example:

gitTim (i went)

korkTum (i was scared)

çıkTım (i went out)


yazDım (i wrote)

deDim (i said)

 oturDum (i sat)

Your task would be to add dental suffixes to the chosen verbs (find some interesting verbs that would be useful to know (if possible)). :)


Best phrase to remember f/s/t/k/h/ç/ş/p is Çift Haseki Paşa remove the vowel sounds.

vowel harmony lesson with plural Exercise.

ok, here we go :) Correct me when i’m wrong, people :) )
i’ll start with the very very basics: vowel harmony

vowel harmony rule is importait when you want to choose the right suffixes (for example, how will you choose which suffixe for plural (lar/ler) to use not knowing the vowel harmony rule?).
The rule is this: you choose the suffix for words according to the last vowel in that word: after front vowels (e, i, ö, ü) you add suffixes with front vowels; after back vowels (a, ı, o, u) you add suffixes with back vowels).
Let’s practise with the plural suffixe lar/ler:
kitapLAR (books)
masaLAR (tables)
koltukLAR (armchairs)
babaLAR (fathers)

kalemLER (pencils)
anneLER (mothers)
silgiLER (rubbers,erasers)
gözlükLER (glasses. not the ones you can have water in, but the ones you wear to see better. ;) )

your task would be to write plural forms of these words:
bardak (glass. the one you can have water/wine/etc.)
tabak (plate)
kulak (ear)
dudak (lip)
göz (eye)
gül (rose)
yıldız (star)
otobüs (bus)
araba (car)
köpek (dog)
kedi (cat)
sınıf (class)
öğrenci (student)
bilgisayar (computer)
sınav (exam)
okul (school)
öğretmen (teacher)
kardeş (sister or brother)
arkadaş (friend)
sabah (morning)
gün (day)
akşam (evening)
gece (night)

by “valentina”.

23 Nisan : Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı : April 23rd Independece and Kids Festival

23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayramı

23rd of April is a holiday in Turkey. The holiday is about National Independence and Kids Holiday. The only Holiday on Earth dedicated to kids by our leader “ATATÜRK”.

What makes this day special is: from all over the world kids comes to Turkey, stay with Turkish families, have friends from every nations and show their national dances in the national TV.

You may check TRT1 if you have satellites.

HAPPY KIDS HOLIDAYS to everyone who still has a kid soul inside!

Turkish 101 – Back to Basics – Turkey Survival

Since i started this blog it passed more than a year already. And i hope you have developed your Turkish more than you want to. You have learned many things esp about grammar and tenses.

For those who are following my blog i suggest you to go back and study from time to time. To make things fresh in memory. And have the habit to learn 3 words a day. Just 3 words.

For our new readers i just want to encourage them and also make old people remind some important stuff I am writing a small basic survival guide now.

Merhaba: Hello

Nasılsın : How are you?

İyiyim ya sen? : I am fine and you?

Ben de iyiyim : I am fine too

Teşekkürler : Thanks

Teşekkür Ederim : Thank you ( for pronounce say fast “Tea Sugar A Dream” :o)

Çok Teşekkür Ederim : Thank you very much

Görüşürüz : See you

Adın ne?: What is your name?

Benim adım Bond,James BOND: My name is Bond,James BOND. :)) Sıfır Sıfır Yedi (007 :o)

Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum : Pleased to meet you

Kaç Lira?: How much money?

Lütfen : Please

Hesap Lütfen: Bill Please / May I have the bill please

Güle güle : Bye

Bira : Beer <— Life saving word :)

Şarap : wine

Kola : Coke

Su : water

Ekmek : Bread

Bir soğuk bira lütfen : One cold beer please <— (Life saver sentence)

Hope you enjoy ordering your beer in Turkish when you visit Turkey.

Şerefe(Turkish), Cheers ,Kippis (Finnish) ,Narok (Romanian), Egészségedre(Hungarian),Skål(Swedish)  and the ones that i forgot to say!

Sağlığınıza : to your Health!

Şerefe : Cheers (to the honor)

Anadolu University – Turkish Certificate Program


I don’t know if everybody knows but i am a member of CouchSurfing community. What is couchsurfing? If you don’t have any idea have a look at CouchSurfing Project It is a nice way of communicating with the rest of the world by opening your home to complete strangers. Spooky ha? :) )

Anyway In one of the Threads i saw there is a Turkish Certificate Program which is ONLINE! yes it is online so I just wanted to share with you. Maybe some of you may want to be get certified who knows?

Here is the url of the Anadolu University Turkish Certificate Program . >> Turkish Certificate

Güle Güle !

How to say the time in Turkish

Hei Folks,

Ready for another lesson? Today we gonna talk about time. How to ask the time? and how to learn the time?

saat : watch:hour

Let’s see!!

Saatiniz var mı ? Do you have a watch?

Saat kaç? What is the time?

Saat bir : it is 1 o’clock

Saat oniki : it is 12 o clock.

Saat oniki yirmiüç : it 12:23

Saat biri beş geçiyor : it is 5 past 1

saat onikiyi beş geçiyor : it is5 past 12

saat bire beş var. : it is 5 minutes to 1

saat onikiye beş var : it is 5 minutes to 12

saat yarım : it is 12:30

saat oniki buçuk : it is half past 12

saat onikiyi çeyrek geçiyor : it is quarter past 12

saat onikiye çeyrek var : it is quarter to 12

The idea is simple “var” is  used with “hour + e”

“geçiyor” is used with “hour+i”

Put some times and read them in the comments section!