Turkish Grammar – Present Tense

It is simple to form present tense in Turkish.

The rule is

verb + (i)yor + possession

The “i” in the (i)yor changes acording to the
vowel harmony.

Gel : Come / Gelmek : To come
gel+(i)+yor+um —> I am coming
gel+(i)+yor+sun —> You are coming (Singular)
gel+(i)+yor —> He/She/It is coming.

gel+(i)+yor+uz —> We are coming
gel+(i)+yor+sunuz —> You are coming (Plural)
gel+(i)+yor+lar —> They are coming

Kal : stay / Kalmak : To stay
kal+(ı)+yor+um —> I am staying
kal+(ı)+yor+sun —> You are staying (Singular.)
kal+(ı)+yor —> He/She/It is staying

kal+(ı)+yor+uz —> We are staying
kal+(ı)+yor+sunuz —> You are staying (Plural)
kal+(ı)+yor+lar —> They are staying.

Koş : run / Koşmak : To run
koş+(u)+yor+um —> I am running
koş+(u)+yor+sun —> You are running (Singular)
koş+(u)+yor —> He/She/It is running

koş+(u)+yor+uz —> We are running
koş+(u)+yor+sunuz —> You are running (Plural)
koş+(u)+yor+lar —> They are running

Düşün : Think / Düşünmek : To Think

Düşün +(ü)+yor+um —> I am thinking
Düşün +(ü)+yor+sun —> You are thinking (Singular)
Düşün +(ü)+yor —> He/She/It is thinking

Düşün +(ü)+yor+uz —> We are thinking
Düşün +(ü)+yor+sunuz —> You are thinking (Plural)
Düşün +(ü)+yor+lar —> They are thinking
Workshop :
Try these verbs by yourself.

Sevmek: To love
Gezmek: To travel
Konuşmak : To speak
Gülmek : To laugh

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