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Meeting new people

It is common to shake hands with people whom you first met and introduced in Turkey. You shake your hand and say your first name when introduced.

M-Alper, Bu Esra, Esra bu da Alper – Alper, this is Esra . and Esra, this is Alper.
A- Tanıştığımıza Memnun oldum. – Pleased to meet you
E- Ben de. – Me too.

A-Ben Alper – I am Alper.
E-Ben de Esra. Memnun oldum. – I am Esra, Pleased to meet you
A-Ben de memnun oldum. Nasılsınız?- I am plesed to meet you too. How are you (plural)?
E- İyiyim ya siz?
A- Bende iyiyim. Teşekkürler.