Merhaba arkadaşlar, long time no see ;) Let’s continue with our education, shall we?

Before continuing, I think we should revise some things, so here’s a tiny little text for you to translate and find nouns and verbs which you also have to inflect after you’ve translated the text (for nouns – write plural/ singular and for verbs – write them in all tenses you can):

Öğretmen matematik dersinde Deniz’e sorar.

-İki liralık peynir,üç liralık domates ve beş liralık salatalık ne yapar? 

Öğrenci cevap verir:

 -Sandviç yapar öğretmenim.
Do feel free to share any other stories/ jokes in Turkish :)

Good luck!

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  1. Suzanne

    My translation:

    In the math lesson, the teacher asks Deniz:

    “Two dollars worth of cheese, 3 dollars worth of tomatoes and 5 dollars worth of cucumber would make what?”

    The student answers:
    “Teacher, That would make a Sandwich.”

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