vowel harmony lesson with plural Exercise.

ok, here we go :) Correct me when i’m wrong, people :) )
i’ll start with the very very basics: vowel harmony

vowel harmony rule is importait when you want to choose the right suffixes (for example, how will you choose which suffixe for plural (lar/ler) to use not knowing the vowel harmony rule?).
The rule is this: you choose the suffix for words according to the last vowel in that word: after front vowels (e, i, ö, ü) you add suffixes with front vowels; after back vowels (a, ı, o, u) you add suffixes with back vowels).
Let’s practise with the plural suffixe lar/ler:
kitapLAR (books)
masaLAR (tables)
koltukLAR (armchairs)
babaLAR (fathers)

kalemLER (pencils)
anneLER (mothers)
silgiLER (rubbers,erasers)
gözlükLER (glasses. not the ones you can have water in, but the ones you wear to see better. ;) )

your task would be to write plural forms of these words:
bardak (glass. the one you can have water/wine/etc.)
tabak (plate)
kulak (ear)
dudak (lip)
göz (eye)
gül (rose)
yıldız (star)
otobüs (bus)
araba (car)
köpek (dog)
kedi (cat)
sınıf (class)
öğrenci (student)
bilgisayar (computer)
sınav (exam)
okul (school)
öğretmen (teacher)
kardeş (sister or brother)
arkadaş (friend)
sabah (morning)
gün (day)
akşam (evening)
gece (night)

by “valentina”.

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  1. Keren cute

    bardak — bardaklar
    tabak (plate)– tabaklar
    kulak (ear)– kulaklar
    dudak (lip)– dudaklar
    göz (eye) — gözler
    gül (rose)– güller
    yıldız (star)–yıldızlar
    otobüs (bus)–otobüsler
    araba (car)– arabalar
    köpek (dog)– köpekler
    kedi (cat)– kediler
    sınıf (class)–sınıflar
    öğrenci (student)–öğrenciler
    bilgisayar (computer)– bilgisayarlar
    sınav (exam)– sınavlar
    okul (school)– okular
    öğretmen (teacher)–öğretmenler
    kardeş (sister or brother)–kardeşler
    arkadaş (friend)–arkadaşlar
    sabah (morning)–sabahlar
    arkadaş (day)– arkadaşlar
    akşam (evening)– akşamlar
    gece (night)–geceler

    <—- well done Keren!!! this can be used as the results page .)

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