Anadolu University – Turkish Certificate Program


I don’t know if everybody knows but i am a member of CouchSurfing community. What is couchsurfing? If you don’t have any idea have a look at CouchSurfing Project It is a nice way of communicating with the rest of the world by opening your home to complete strangers. Spooky ha? :))

Anyway In one of the Threads i saw there is a Turkish Certificate Program which is ONLINE! yes it is online so I just wanted to share with you. Maybe some of you may want to be get certified who knows?

Here is the url of the Anadolu University Turkish Certificate Program . >> Turkish Certificate

Güle Güle !


  1. melina

    hi mert
    i am a member of the cs community too and a reader of yours. thank u so much for the lovely website, unfortunately the e learning lessons u mentioned have a deadline at 20 th of february so it;s too late for me to start a serious effort to learn turkish 🙁
    but i will try to learn some basics from here,thanks to u.


    <--- hei mel, nice to see CSers around! There will be an easy vocabulary to use in the upcoming Couchsurfing Turkey Newsletter 🙂 SPONSORED BY :p

  2. Zafer Darkouchi

    Dear sirs.
    I love Turkey and Turkish Language. Please help me to learn Turkish.


    Dubai, UAE
    xxxxxxxx<--- putting your phone number is not a good idea though 🙂

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