Turkish Grammar – How to form sentences in Turkish Language

I have a friend from Germany and he is trying to learn Turkish like you are. And sometimes when he tries to speak He spoke like Tarzan. Why? Because he has no idea about the line of words. So here is how you form sentences in Turkish language.

Subject + Complements+VERB.

Hint : VERB is always at the end.

also there is a relation with the verb and the subject

This order is the most used, and make sense form. Lets see some examples.

Stefan işe gidiyor. //Stefan is going to work

Ben Türkçe öğretiyor+um. // I am teaching Turkish.
Sen Türkçe öğreniyor+sun // You are learning Turkish.
Stefan camı kırdı. //Stefan broke the glass.



  1. David Dean

    Kapiyi kilidiniz mi?

    Have you locked the door?

    Would this be correct if I was saying it to my wfe?

  2. admin

    Kapıyı kitlediniz mi? <— for 2nd person plural

    For your girl friend or someone close to you will say.
    Kapıyı kitledin mi? <—- for 2nd person singular

  3. Jon


    Nice site. I am at a stage where I have the basics but need to extend my vocabulary. Can you recommend any further learning sites?

    Just to bring to your attention:

    Here is another video about Turkish Alphabet should be Here is another video about the Turkish Alphabet. (prepositions)
    Under “Catergory Archives” change wovel harmony to vowel harmony 😉


  4. Lilith

    Bugün kitab okudum. <--- bugün kitap okudum Kitapta güzel hikayeler vardı. Bir ana sayfada mitolojiden türk metin yazdım.(a text about mythology) - Is this correkt? <----Ana sayfadan mitoloji hakkında bir Türkçe metin yazdım ( a wrote a Turkish text about mythology) The usage of the verbs are one of the best i have ever seen in this web site.

  5. Mimi

    can you tell me how can i say happy birthday in turkish

    Happy Birthday – Doğum Günün kutlu olsun

    As in the song ….

    Mutlu Yıllar sana Mutlu Yıllar sana
    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…

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